HURT – ‘The Crux’ Album


The Crux, recorded largely in St. Louis, finds HURT exploring new ground while still trying to fulfill the undefinable genre they’ve placed themselves into on the heels of their prior work.  Tracks like “So When”,  “Sally Slips”,  “Adonai” (complete with Hasidic chants), and “The Seer” make this a compelling album to listen to from top to bottom like most albums in the HURT repertoire.  Here is the track listing for The Crux:



  1. So When
  2. Eden
  3. Links & Waves
  4. Sally Slips
  5. When It’s Cold
  6. Adonai
  7. Caught In The Rain
  8. Cuffed
  9. How We End Up Alone   How We End Up Alone (video)
  10. Numbers
  11. The Seer
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