Goodbye To The Machine CD


Recorded completely analog at Shorefire Studios in Long Branch, NJ in the fall/winter of 2009/2010, this HURT album features the always relevant track “Wars”, the poignant ballad “World Ain’t Right” featuring Shaun Morgan from Seether and the signature HURT track from this album”Fighting Tao”. ┬áThere is also a hidden gem at the end not listed that has become a fan favorite called “Flowers”. ┬áHere is the track listing:



  1. Got Jealous
  2. Pandora
  3. Wars
  4. World Ain’t Right (featuring Shaun Morgan from Seether)
  5. Sweet Delilah
  6. 1331
  7. Role Martyr X
  8. Well
  9. Pills
  10. Dreams Away
  11. Fighting Tao
  12. That (Such A Thing)



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